Mission and Vision

Sak Lakay is inspired by Haiti’s strong history of vibrant art and culture, and our mission is to share the beauty of that culture with the world. We aim to use our broad network and powerful; business expertise to put traditional Haitian beauty into mainstream culture and empower the women who create and use its accessories. We proudly partner with local artisans who have a passion for their handcrafted works of love and the freedoms that give them renewed hope for their businesses and families. We are inspired by a rich cultural history in which 19th century Haitians, newly independent, worked hard to cultivate their personal and professional success with their work in the public marketplace. Our mission is to keep extending our reach and bolstering our impact in order to help maintain this kind of self-sufficient structure in Haiti. 

At Sak Lakay, one of our most critical goals is to create a winning situation for everyone involved in the processes of this handbag and accessory business. We seek to create a flourishing business while giving back to the Haitian community from which we originate. We are building success among artisans and suppliers in different warehouses across Haiti: we form and maintain much-needed job stability. We’re excited about local Haitian artisans and suppliers getting and keeping prosperous employment opportunities. 

Above all else, Sak Lakay exists to promote the vibrant and heartfelt culture from Haiti. As we have seen in the media, the overall image of Haiti tends to be negative. We seek to help inspire people to look beyond what they might see in the media. Sak Lakay hopes for a world in which people everywhere can know about the positive aspects of Haiti, including its incredible beaches, beautiful art, and powerful culture. We also envision a world in which Sak Lakay is both your top choice for high-quality, lovingly crafted handbags and your home for a better future for those who created them.