Artisan Partnership

Partnering with Haitian Artisan Entrepreneurs

Sak Lakay proudly partners with local artisans who have a passion for their handcrafted works of love and the freedoms that give them renewed hope for their businesses and families. Founded by a native of Haiti with an expansive network on the ground, Sak Lakay comes equipped with a profoundly relevant background in marketing, banking, and helping local business people meet their true, previously untapped potential.

For Sak Lakay, partnering with artisans in regions of Haiti that are the most susceptible to poverty and violence is one of the most effective measures for restoring their potential for earning fair wages. We believe our artisan partners get out what they put in; the skilled and loving craftsmanship that goes into our products allows the artisans that created them to continue to utilize their creative freedoms as entrepreneurs. The empowerment of individuals is a testament to the value that Sak Lakay shares with their artisan partnerships.

Sak Lakay continues its commitment to fostering relationships with artisans based on the dignity and respect that encourages them to use their talents to grow their businesses, allowing them to achieve personal and professional success and sustainability. The artisans who create also foster needed growth within their communities as their handcrafted works of love are fabricated with locally-sourced materials and products. The network of partnerships with Sak Lakay expands the growth and impact in local communities that create continuous opportunities for income and sustainability for years to come.