The Sak Lakay Difference

Sak Lakay is a newly formed business that allows for its sales to expand the reach and impact of Haitian artisans and creators. While nonprofit organizations in Haiti mean well, they tend to employ personnel that requires expensive feeding, lodging, and other amenities. These organizations also tend to build expensive infrastructure that only helps a limited number of businesses in Haiti. As a result, they do not do business with the Haitian open market, inhibiting relationships with local artisans and craft makers. Unlike other organizations, Sak Lakay places profits directly into the hands of its artisans, allowing it to boast an immense scope of reach. Artisans that are able to market their products in various businesses are granted new spending power, stimulating the Haitian economy. There are numerous nonprofits that spotlight Haitian-made products, but very few support the self-sufficiency of the artisans—the nonprofit staff often have earnings that surpass those of the artisans. Sak Lakay is proud to be one of the few businesses that value the talent, creativity, and heart of the local artisans that work with us.

We truly treasure the craft of the creators that utilize locally grown and sourced materials for their products, and unlike other organizations, we make the effort to demonstrate our high regard for these products by rewarding the artisans who create them. Sak Lakay is committed to each artisan’s handmade quality and uniqueness: the local and regional aesthetics of the artisans that we work with are reflected in the designs, colors, and product assortments that they create. The products that Sak Lakay features promote the self-sufficiency of these artisans by giving them direct access to well-earned profits. Sak Lakay connects artisans with expanded market reach and opportunities to sell their products to consumers around the world. This allows for the artisans to increase their personal earnings and fuel potential growth from their successes. The opportunity to further expand the reach for these individuals makes an everlasting impact on their families and communities, fostering monumental growth for the Haitian marketplace.

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